Mammary expanders are used for expansion of the breast tissue after mastectomy to prepare the reconstruction of the breast. Anatomically shaped mammary expanders improve the aesthetic result of the reconstructed breast.

Our expanders are designed to optimally prepare the implant pocket for our Sublime Line® mammary implants Même®, Replicon®, Opticon® and Optimam®. The Opticon® expander with its additional reinforcement on the front particularly supports the expansion of the lower part of the breast.

The expanders have a POLYtxt® surface. The standard Même® expander has a remote injection port, the standard Replicon®, Opticon® and Optimam® expanders have an integrated injection port equipped with a permanent magnet.

All expanders are available in several sizes and have a reinforced inner base to increase stability and to support the directed tissue expansion.

For more information on our mammary expanders, please download the product leaflet (PDF).

Differential multi-compartment expanders

The DMC expander by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is an advanced system for skin expansion. It has a reinforced round or an oblong base for improved stability. Due to the individually fillable compartments, a differentiation in expansion may be achieved. This way, you get a defined expansion without excess tissue and maximum projection in the lower part of the breast.

For more information on our Differential Multi-Compartment expanders, please download the product leaflet (PDF).




After implantation, a magnet finder allows the localization of the permanent magnets in the expanders’ integrated valves. The magnet finder comprises of a frame in which a small magnet, similar to that of a compass, is suspended in a gimballed mechanism. The gimballed suspension allows a precise location of the valves and gives an exact indication of the point of injection.


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