POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics mammary implants are filled with highly cross-linked, cohesive medical-grade silicone gels. Due to the gels’ consistency, even a cut implant will neither loose its content nor its shape. All gels utilized in our implants come with a “memory effect”, i.e. they will return to their original shape after moderate compression.

The chemically and mechanically resistant elastic shell of the implants has a defined thickness and consists of several layers of a silicone elastomer. In order to maintain a high level of safety, the shell of the silicone gel-filled implants is equipped with an additional diffusion barrier layer which will prevent shorter silicone molecules from passing through the shell.

The surface of our mammary implants is either smooth, textured (Mesmo® sensitive – soft texture, POLYtxt® standard texture) or coated with Microthane®. Particularly Microthane®-coated implants contribute to a significant reduction in capsular contracture rates.

Sublime Line®
Anatomical and round implants in a modular design with maximum shape stability, filled with a firm silicone gel.


Diagon\Gel® 4Two
Anatomical and round implants filled with two types of silicone gel, a softer gel in the rear and a firmer gel in the front.


Our mammary implants are exclusively manufactured in Germany, at our production site in Dieburg (near Frankfurt). All our implants are CE-marked, which means that production and quality are in accordance with the currently valid European Regulations for Class-III Medical Devices. They are thus amongst the most strictly controlled products as defined by the European Medical Device Directive.

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics implants are available in an exceptionally wide range of variations. This makes it possible for you as a surgeon to do justice to women’s diversity and find the optimum implant for each of your patients.


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