Breast implants made in Dieburg continue to be in demand (...) The scandal concerning breast implants produced in France did not harm the German company, quite to the contrary.
Rhein Main Zeitung, German regional daily paper, 14 January 2014

POLYTECH masters reorganisation (...) and continues to grow.
Darmstaedter Echo, German regional daily paper, 17 December 2013 (...) The new concept of this website gives women the opportunity to get clear and transparent information on the safety, production and application of silicone implants.
MammaMia!, German breast cancer magazine, July 2013

By relaunching their website www.polytech­, Polytech Health & Aesthetics (...) offers physicians and surgeons worldwide access to a wide range of high-quality products for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Magazin für Ästhetische Chirurgie, German medical magazine, July 2013

POLYTECH grows with implants (...) Strongly in demand: breast implant production at POLYTECH.
Rhein Main Zeitung, German regional daily paper, 12 March 2013

POLYTECH continues to steer due growth.
Darmstaedter Echo, German regional daily paper, 23 February 2013

Implant manufacturer POLYTECH, among the market leaders in Europe, says they did not suffer from the confidence crisis.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, German national daily paper, 9 February 2013

Thriving business: At Polytech Health and Aesthetics in Dieburg breast implant production is running at full speed.
Offenbach Post [German daily paper from Offenbach], 10 August 2012

(…), medical devices manufacturer Polytech Health & Aesthetics welcomes the new supplementary regulations which intend to provide more safety. (…) The company currently employs 100 people and expects to raise its turnover by 20% and production by 30% by the end of 2012.
Augsburger Allgemeine [German daily paper from Augsburg], 14 July 2012

Business for Polytech in Dieburg continues to thrive. (…) In Dieburg, the number of employees is growing to the same extent as the number of orders and company turnover.
Rhein Main Zeitung [German daily paper from Frankfurt], 12 July 2012

The scandal regarding cheap French breast implants obviously did not harm the industry. The silicone cushion business is thriving. Germany’s only manufacturer of silicone implants, situated in Dieburg, benefits from this situation.
HR online/HR INFO/HR 2 [radio stations], 12 July 2012

Breast implants from Dieburg [Germany] are strongly in demand –they are considered safe.
Frankfurter Neue Presse [German daily paper from Frankfurt], 6 July 2012

Wilfried Hüser, owner of the German silicone implant manufacturer Polytech Health & Aesthetics, reports that he experienced neither a collapse (…) nor a surge in demand due to cheap implants being exchanged. But Hüser’s company is growing (…)
Ärzte [German medical practioners’ magazine], 5 July 2012

6 months after the PIP scandal – breast implants boom. (…) Soon, the test machines in Dieburg, Hesse (Germany), will run even longer. “We are in the process of setting up a third shift,” employees of Polytech Health and Aesthetics report.
dpa news, 5. July 2012

Six months after the hype on substandard silicone implants, the demand for breast enlargements remains as strong as ever. The only German [breast implant] manufacturer has had to increase production to fulfil the number of orders coming in from all over the world.
Focus online [online version of German weekly magazine], 5 July 2012

Implants „Made in Germany“ (…) Strict quality controls are of highest order (…)
MammaMia!, German breast cancer magazine, 17 March 2012

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